Teaming up with Napa Valley College

In a continual effort to provide the most intense safe training available to youth anywhere in the world, CFEA has teamed up with Napa Valley College.

Each Advisor and Explorer must apply to Napa Valley College! Do NOT SEND THIS APPLICATION BY MAIL TO NVC, college forms must be submitted to CFEA with your application.

Complete the Following:

  1. Napa Valley College on-line application or Residency Reclassification (everyone)
  2. NVC Credit Registration (everyone)
  3. NVC Permit to Attend (High School Students)

On-line Napa Valley College Application: If you have applied to any California Community College (inlcuding NVC) in the last 2 years you just need to complete a "residency reclassificaton" form located below. If you have never applied electronically to a California Communtiy College, click on the NVC on-line application link below and apply. Print out the application confirmation form at the end and submit with your application. Everyone must print, complete and submit a Napa Valley College "Credit Registration". High School Students must print, complete and submit a "Permit to Attend" (this form must be signed by their high school counselor).

 If you are having problems with applying on-line please contact Napa Valley College Admissions and Records at (707)253-3000

Commonly asked questions for the application:

Enrollment Section:
  • Applying for: "Spring 2009"
  • Intended Major: "Undecided"
  • Education Goals: "Choose any"

Education Section:
  • Select new student.

 Follow the remainder of the process per instructions provided on NVC application.

Out of state applicants i.e. Las Vegas, Alaska etc. DO NOT APPLY FOR NVC.

If you have any questions or problems contact Jason Weber or (707)481-7349.